Thank you for sharing your holidays with us and for sharing good fortune with those in need this season.

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The Twin Cities Salvation Army serves more than 214,000 people a year through its 25 local centers of operation. Daily it serves 2,100 hot meals and shelters 900 people. More than 33,000 local volunteers help The Salvation Army provide these and other services, from child daycare to senior housing.


Kool Bell Ringer Of The Day (12/20): Lanny Boyer - Maplewood Mall East door by Barnes and Noble from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. - Talk about a bell ringing enthusiast - that is Lanny Boyer. He signs up for 20 -two-hour sessions each season and is determined to devise more ways to get others to ring a bell - why? - because as Lanny tells it, "This is the greatest thing that has happened to me - I would pay you to let me ring." He says people don't understand all they will get out of ringing a bell - meeting people - having people tell him stories of how the Army helped or just thanking him for ringing. He says that he's got at least 20 ideas to get more people ringing - especially the retired folks in good health - One idea is to have people ring in memory or in honor of someone - he says they do that with Poinsettias at church and do you ever see how many poinsettias there are in front of church? After Christmas Lanny and I are going out to lunch - can't wait to hear his ideas or his stories of bell ringing adventures.


Jeff Olsen's Bell Ringing Record Has Been Broken: Tiga Stevens started ringing a bell at the St Cloud Coborn's at 11 am on Thursday and didn't stop until Friday night at 11 pm - setting a brand new Minnesota Record for Bell Ringing at 36 hours.

Jeff Olsen Interviews Tiga

Tiga Stevens had special reasons to be ringing a bell - When she moved to Minnesota from Chicago she was not able to find work and ended up living in a Salvation Army shelter. Soon The Salvation Army was able to help Tiga move into an apartment and she starts a new job today.