For those Apple fans that have been waiting for word on the IPhone 6, they will want to circle September 9th on their calendars.

Apple will debut their newest installment to the IPhone family on the 9th with the consumer release coming likely ten days later (if they keep the same schedule as previous IPhones).

The date follows suit with previous years IPhone releases, usually coming in the beginning to middle of September. This new version of the IPhone will be a dramatic change from previous models, with a much bigger screen than the IPhone 5s (0.7 inches bigger, to be specific) and will feature an improved camera and faster processor.

There are also rumors that the IPhone will have a different material used in the screen, making it much more durable than previous models, which is comforting for those who have a tendency of making their device find the floor.

The release date for the IPhone 6 will likely be set for just days after Samsung’s newest Galaxy release…coincidence? I think not.