Retired Washington County Sherriff Shane Linehan is being awarded the Red Cross First Responder Hero award after he saved the life of 17 year old Dan Mannon at Afton Alps in January.

Linehan was skiing with his daughters when he noticed Mannon fall to the ground, and Linehan said he immediately saw the signs of cardiac arrest.

"It was clear he was in the dying process," Linehan said.

Linehan immediately began doing CPR on the young snowboarder. The General Manager of Afton Alps quickly came to the scene with a defibrillator, which restored Mannon's heartbeat. The event was called a miracle by all those involved.

But Linehan's contact with Mannon did not stop there. Linehan helped Mannon's family move in February after a fire destroyed the Mannon home.

Linehan was awarded the Red Cross award at the sixth annual Red Cross Heroes Breakfast yesterday.