If your house was on fire what objects would you grab on your rush out the door? For a North Dallas woman her objects of desire were her dog and a cheesecake. Yes, you read that correctly. She grabbed a cheesecake from her fridge while her house was up in flames!

This past January Allysia Birmbaum's house went up in flames after an intense fire broke out at her neighbor's house and spread to hers. The North Dallas woman claims that a dog she adopted from a shelter via Operation Kindness saved her life after her house caught flames:

Allysia was showering when the fire started and her adopted German shepherd-Rottweiler mix, Zooey, started barking and shifting from foot to foot. Allysia thought Zooey was acting weird and started looking around for why Zooey might be acting up. After Allysia realized that the smoke in her bathroom was not steam from the shower, but instead smoke from a fire! She quickly grabbed the cheesecake from her fridge and Zooey and made it outside safely.

The heartwarming story ends with Birmbaum reflecting on her miracle dog, "She saved my life. She's our little angel. Thank you Operation Kindness, she's the best dog ever!"

Source: MyFoxDFW.com