Beer lovers are in for some good news this week! The Kickstarter project that’s being called the beer version of a Keurig machine just successfully raised over $640,000. SYNEK is a machine the size of a toaster oven that dispenses fresh beer from the tap.
The project was started by Steve Young who told Pioneer Press in an interview how he got the idea, "As I started talking to brewers across the nation, they all complained about the same problem, which was, they make great beer, but it's hard for them to get it into people's homes and actually make money."
The solution was to create cartridges that can hold 128 fluid ounces of beer, can be filled from any keg or tap using an adapter and are interchangeable within the dispenser. The patent pending bags are filled without any air exposure so they promise to last at least 30 days after the first pour.
SYNEK creators hope to offer users a way to have their favorite craft beer wherever and whenever they want as well as offer brewers a cheaper method to get their beer out into people’s homes. For those who are interested in having a SYNEK of their own, early 2015 is when they've estimated the first shipment.

Check out the Kickstarter video for the project below:

Here's another video showing how the cartridges are filled:


Source: Pioneer Press/Kickstarter