A fox at the National Fox Welfare Society in England was determined too friendly to be released into the wild. And with a name like Pudding, we’re not surprised!

Pudding was found around three years ago in Yorkshire, living on her own. The National Fox Welfare Society, or NFWS, took Pudding into their care, and what they discovered was she was just too friendly to live in the wild.

The original plan was to slowly get Pudding used to living in the wild, but that plan failed after several attempts. During one of the attempts, Pudding was separated from the cubs she was supposed to bond with by a 200-foot tree that fell, causing her to bond more with founder of the NFWS, Mark Hemmington.

Pudding now lives permanently at the NFWS with another domesticated fox.

Check out some photos of Pudding and her adorable face below!


Source: ABC News