A gigantic recreation of the Eagles 16-time platinum album Hotel California (1977) has been constructed atop L.A.’s music venue The Forum, which is reopening this year. The record, which is true to its roots and actually made of vinyl, spans an astounding 5.7 acres and spins at the rate of 17 mph. Unfortunately the construction does not play music, but to compensate for that the Eagles will be playing at this venue six separate nights this January.

Before its reopening, the venue was scheduled to be torn down for a new housing development until the Madison Square Garden Company intervened and bought it. Now the building has undergone a $100 million renovation and will remain to be part of music history.

The marketing and promotion company Pop2Life is behind the idea and operation of this larger than life record. The group says the structure is visible from over a mile overhead and those flying into LAX will have a bird’s eye view of the classic album.

In the late ‘70s, the Eagles and Led Zeppelin had previously performed at The Forum in addition to U2 in the late ‘80s. Following the Eagles reappearance of shows this month, The Forum will host artists like Justin Timberlake and Paul Simon and Sting’s tour later this year.

Source: RollingStone.com