Even though Led Zeppelin fans won’t be catching a live tour anytime soon, guitarist Jimmy Page has some exciting new material up his sleeve. His first project, which was reported by Classic Rock Magazine, will be a compilation of “21st-century versions” of Zeppelin’s nine albums. The last set of remastered albums the band released was in 1990 and was also driven by Page. “Led Zeppelin Remasters” was a two disc set that was based on an archive of the band’s master tapes. Zeppelin’s tapes were converted to compact discs in the late 1980s, making them one of the first rock bands to reissue their music on CD.

Page has been in the studio recording the new remastered albums and NME reports that each album will be released as an individual box set that will include different versions of the tracks and new bonus material. Led Zeppelin has released eight box sets to date, and the new remastered albums are set to release in the beginning of next year.

Led Zeppelin’s music powers on through generations and their fan base continues to increase by the day. Their Facebook page gained 6.8 million likes and is up 75 percent since the release of “Celebration Day” — the band’s cinematic 2007 reunion tour. With the release of the new box sets, fans new and old can look forward to hearing remastered versions of the Zeppelin classics that laid the foundation for rock and roll.

Source: NME.com + ClassicRockMagazine.com