The official statement on the band’s website didn’t divulge too many details last week, but new drama is unfolding for Kiss and ultimately revealing the true reason behind their cancelled Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction performance set to take place in April.

Kiss frontman Paul Stanley now openly admits that he and Gene Simmons were never going to allow original members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss to take part in the performance. Before the show was cancelled, there were already disputes over the official line-up with Frehley and Criss publicly saying they were not willing to perform alongside newer members.

Meanwhile, Simmons and Stanley embraced the full history of Kiss with current members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer and their inclusion in the line-up, which caused a clear divide between the old and the new.

Stanley added that while Frehley and Criss are still welcome to attend the ceremony, they will not under any circumstances be allowed to wear the black and white make-up that made them famous.

To the LA Times, Stanley compared the uncomfortable situation of reuniting with the original members to being forced to reunite with a former spouse. “Imagine getting on stage and playing with a line-up that does not exist,” he said.

Both ex-members have expressed their bitterness in the situation. Guitarist Frehley accused that, “For years, Gene and Paul have been trying to minimize my contributions to the band, even though I designed the famous Kiss logo and trademarked make-up for the Spaceman character.”

Criss more vaguely commented on his disappointment saying, “We should have been able to work it out as grown men. It’s a shame we couldn’t.”