Legendary rock band Led Zeppelin may be heading to court over accusations that their massive hit "Stairway to Heaven" was partly stolen from another band. According to a representative of a songwriting trust for Randy California, the late guitarist for the band Spirit, the 1970 hit copied Spirit's instrumental track "Taurus" which was released in 1968.

In addition to many claiming that the two songs have substantial similarities, the two bands toured together through 1968 and 1969 where "Taurus" was often included in Spirit's setlist. Led Zeppelin's guitarist, Jimmy Page, has said that he wrote "Stairway to Heaven" in 1970, which is further evidence to back the allegations.

Led Zeppelin has been reissuing versions of their original albums and are currently working on IV, which includes "Stairway to Heaven". California's trust is preparing a copyright infringement suit and an injunction which would stop the release of the album.

Listen to "Taurus" + "Stairway to Heaven" below to compare:

Source: ConsequenceOfSound.net