If bugs creep you out, particularly grasshoppers, read no further!  Weather officials in Albuquerque say that a huge swarm of grasshoppers has shown up on their radar the last few nights. Although no rain was falling, the radar was showing rain bands.

It turns out that a massive grasshopper swarm got caught up in the winds heading southwest and carried the bugs as high as 1,000 feet leading the radar to believe it was raining. Local meteorologist Chuck Jones said that because the grasshoppers likely hatched weeks ago, they’re now full grown, which is why they were able to trigger the radar.

Last year's monsoon season and dry winter led to ideal conditions for the bugs to hatch and grow, leading to the large numbers this year. Technicians initially thought that there was something wrong with their equipment. The good news is that their equipment isnt’t broken. The bad news is that a grasshopper swarm large enough to trigger radars exists.