The Metrodome may be gone, but Minnesota sports fans are in for déjà vu when they visit Woodbury High School’s Royals Stadium. The baseball field is now equipped with 400 seats that were retrieved from the Metrodome before its destruction earlier this year.

The well-known blue seats were put up for sale before the dome was torn down and Woodbury baseball coach, Kevin McDermott, made sure to take advantage. McDermott said, “I’m thinking, ‘Geez, these things are royal blue-you can’t fit it any better.”

With the help of Stillwater-based Custom Craft Builders, ballplayers and parents the seats were installed in just two days. The seats were $40 per chair and were funded by the Royal Booster Club and the team’s Home Run Booster Club.

The Metrodome nostalgia has been a big hit so far. McDermott said, “It’s a piece of Minnesota history. It’s a real cool thing for our community, our school, our kids.” The seats are a nice change for the fans that had become accustomed to bringing out lawn chairs in order to enjoy the games.

McDermott has said that they have a surplus of chairs and he’s already planning what they could be used for. For anyone who missed the chance to snag a piece of Metrodome history, one possibility is raffling the seats off as a part of a fundraiser. In the meantime, fans looking to relive Metrodome memories should head over to Royals Stadium in Woodbury.