If signature sourdough pizza crust made with maple syrup and topped with locally-sourced artisanal ingredients makes your mouth water, we have a kick-starter success story you may appreciate.


South Minneapolis' Dan Wilder had been using his self-built wood-fired pizza oven for years to host backyard fundraisers in support of local organizations. When he took the idea to Kickstarter, asking for $6000 to make his pizza presence official, he got all that love back in return. Wilder reached his goal just days after launch!

Now the community funded WildEarth WoodFired will bring local, sustainable and uniquely delicious pizza to the greater Twin Cities metro area. Look for the portable, 100% wood-fired oven at local farmers markets, music festivals and other gatherings around this May or June. Props to Wilder for proving just how savory the benefits of community building can be!

Source: CityPages.com