A first year high school math teacher, Katie Pettit, at Kimball High School decided instead of giving students a final test on traditional math concepts, she would test them on a greater equation by taking away their cell phones for a full week--day and night. 

Ms. Pettit told students if they turned in their cell phones for a full week then they wouldn't have to take a final test. Students are so tuned into their cell phones that the initial thought of handing over their cell phones is a little discouraging, but they actually responded to the test rather well. One student even found an old Walkman in order to listen to his favorite music during the week. While another student said she would turn in her phone for a whole year if that would give her an 'A' in math class. 

Also, Ms. Pettit asked students to turn in all of their assignments completed, and if they did she would turn in her cell phone too. 

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