The five wolf pups found by Alaskan firefighters a week ago will soon be calling Minnesota home. According to a statement by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game the Minnesota Zoo will be taking in the pups as soon as they are old enough and healthy enough to travel.
The Alaska Zoo is unable to keep them because they already have a pack, but wanted to make sure that the entire pack, which includes two females and three males, were kept together. Pat Lampi, the executive director of the Alaska Zoo said, "It's the companionship. They were born together in the wild and now they can grow up together. As long as they remain together, wherever they go is home."
The litter of pups was saved from a massive wildfire in the Kenai Peninsula Wildfire Refuge and suffered from puncture wounds from a porcupine as well as being dehydrated and underweight. The Alaska Zoo is handling their recovery, which includes being fed puppy formula from a bottle as well as getting a little playtime.
The wildfire is believed to have been started by humans near an old oil and gas exploration road. It started May 19 and has damaged over 193,000 acres. Biologists think that the parents of the litter fled the den because of the wildfire and close proximity of the firefighters.
Check out the pups below:


Source: NY Daily News