Tijeras Senior Center in New Mexico may appear to be your friendly neighborhood senior center from the outside, but behind those walls, serious criminal activity goes down. That's right, two women in their 70s have been banned from the center after accusations that they stole the center’s scrapbook, though the two women explain that it is all a misunderstanding.

In letters to Doris Lark and Floy Watson last month, Tijeras Mayor Gloria Chavez and the Village attorney notified the women that surveillance video caught the criminals red-handed, and that Lark and Watson were ordered to return the book immediately.

Lark doesn’t have an official alibi, though there is a catch. She runs a craft class at the center, thus she bought all the supplies and made the book herself! The reason she took the book home is because CDs and movies had been disappearing from the center, and she didn't want her catalog of memories (like birthdays and parties at Tijeras) to end up with the same fate.

Her 74-year-old friend Watson, the accomplice to the crime, was even cited for trespassing while playing dominoes one day, with deputies escorting her off the premises. “How could Doris steal her own personal property? How could I help her steal her personal property?” said Watson, who claims she’s never even received a traffic ticket.

With one final letter from the mayor, the two ladies were officially barred from Tijeras Senior Center. It stated, “In light of your taking and then your refusal to return Senior Center property, your participation privileges at the senior center are hereby revoked.” It now appears these ladies will likely live a life on the run, with the community fearing where they’ll strike next.

Moral of the story: lock up your scrapbooks, folks, because word on the street is that these women could be coming for yours!

Source: KRQE.com