16-year-old Tom White just got the picture of a lifetime! The teen from Omaha, Nebraska managed to get a photo of himself with Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett sitting together on a bench behind him. He posted the picture to Instagram with the caption “Chillin with my homies” and immediately the image went viral.

McCartney was in Nebraska for a concert on Monday and grabbed dinner and ice cream with Omaha native Buffett. Once word got out that the pair were walking around town fans flocked to try and get a couple of pictures.
White told ABC News, “The security guard had to tell me to calm down. He said, ‘You can’t go any closer, but you can take pictures.’” One of White’s friends snapped the photo and White said the pair handled the whole thing well. “Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett laughed it off,” he said.
That’s certainly one lucky teen!
Source: ABC News