Do you remember the “The Wonder Years”? Many of us have fond memories of the popular series that ran from 1988 to 1993 and captivated and humored audiences through the story of a young Fred Savage playing Kevin Arnold and his pursuit of his long time crush Winnie Cooper.

Through the six seasons of the show, Savage became a house hold name and was the youngest actor to ever be nominated for an Emmy in the category of “Lead actor in a comedy series”. Now the show may have run its course in the early nineties, ending after six seasons, but the cast has reconvened and we have the pictures to prove it!




The cast came together this week to celebrate the upcoming release of a full six-season box set. Now Kevin Arnold may be a thing of the past, but Fred Savage and friends still look like a family, gathering together for a group selfie that has hit twitter, and has fans of the show reminiscing about their favorite episodes and plot lines.

The DVD box set is scheduled for a late 2014 release, and updates can be received by checking you could just stream the entire series on Netflix now ;)

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