Everybody has done something or gone somewhere at least once in their life just because everyone else was doing it. Is it possible we actually convince ourselves we like things we don't?

A recent Quora post inspired The Huffington Post to create a master list of things that people only pretend to like. Check out the list of 23 things people fake enjoy:

  1. Traveling
  2. Going to a club
  3. Meeting somone's family
  4. Going for a run
  5. Looking at abstract art
  6. Going to family reunions
  7. Green juice
  8. Reading Shakespeare
  9. Christmas
  10. Actually cooking something
  11. Cooking for other people
  12. Watching something serious instead of reality TV
  13. Reading long books
  14. Yoga
  15. Being around other people's kids
  16. Caring about wine
  17. Taking Shots
  18. Eating oysters
  19. Working in a group
  20. Someone else's success
  21. Cuddling
  22. Your friend's outfit
  23. When other people are honest with you

What do you think of the list? Is there anything you would add to it?

You can check out the details of the list at huffingtonpost.com!