The Antonov An-225 parked at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is now scheduled for a 9 p.m. Wednesday departure.

Another title for this aircraft is simply, the world’s largest plane. This Ukrainian made aircraft was originally set to take off from MSP on Monday night but was delayed because the take off time is “flexible”.

The aircraft can take off at different times due to the fact that its clearance goes through the Federal Aviation Administration, not the airport staff. Airport officials haven't disclosed the payload, but FOX 9 reports the plane is carrying massive air conditioning units destined for the Middle East.

The entire nose of the aircraft flips up so that massive payloads may be loaded inside, including space shuttles. Just how big is this airplane? Well, The Antonov is nearly the length of a football field and has a wingspan on 290 feet. The plane has six turbofan engines and is bigger than any other aircraft ever built.

The Antonov was originally built in 1988 to carry Soviet space shuttles, and is now used to move massively oversize commercial items in its expansive cargo bay.