According to a Twitter pic posted by frontwoman Debbie Harry, Blondie refused an offer to perform at the Winter Olympics’ main venue at the Sochi Medals Plaza. The reason? Human rights, specifically gay rights for Russian citizens.

The Red Rocks Concert Festival will be held on Thursday, Feb. 13 for a crowd of 25,000 people. The media reports that Latvian band Brainstorm and Russian singer Diana Arbenina will take Blondie's place at the concert.

Russian officials have recently been adamant about adopting anti-gay laws as a number of other countries are ruling gay marriage legal. Patriarch Cyril, head of the Russian Orthodox church, was quoted saying that gay marriages present a threat to human civilization. “Never before in the history of humankind, was the state law used to justify sin,” he told the Russian wire service Interfax.

Debbie took a stand against what she views as a violation against human rights, writing across the offer in dark marker: “Pass. Human Rights.” She now joins the ranks of other musical stars like Madonna and Elton John who have also criticized Russia's treatment of gay communities.

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