Como Continues April Fools’ Fun


Four April Fool Hotlines Are Ready For This Year’s Prank Calls


For those looking to pull an April Fool prank on their co-worker, friends, or loved one, Como Park Zoo & Conservatory will help facilitate this monkey business with special April Fool Hotlines. Four special phone numbers, each with a pre-recorded message letting the caller know they have been fooled, are available for pranksters.


Mr. Lion, 651-487-8266


Ms. Ella Fint, 651-487-8267


Mr. Wolf, 651-487-8268


Ms. Anna Conda, 651-487-8289


"Last year’s hotlines were wildly popular, no pun intended,” said Michelle Furrer, Director of Como Park Zoo & Conservatory. “We received over 4,000 calls, with many coming right to our main phone line. It helps that our front-line staff now has somewhere to quickly transfer these calls to instead of trying to explain that there is no one here with the name 'Sally Mander'. The ultimate hope is that, instead of people calling our main phone number and tying up our staff, pranksters will use the special numbers we’ve set up when leaving messages for their friends."


While Mr. Lion is the most popular, other calls have come in for Mr. Bear, G. Raffe, Ray Coon, Perry Keet, and Don Key. Those callers who have been pranked will receive instructions to redeem a special April Fools’ Prankster Package discount—$10 off an animal sponsorship.


Staring April 1st, Como Park Zoo & Conservatory will be open everyday 10am - 6pm, through September 30th. No foolin’!