I can't wait to go to my first Twins' game this season and for sure I'll be stopping by Kent Hrbek’s pub inside of Target Field.  Check out the Bloody Mary they will be serving this season!


Doesn't that look great?  A Bloody Mary garnished with a bacon cheeseburger!
Baseball fans have come a long way since the days of “a dog and a beer,” although fans will still order, 21.4 million hotdogs at ballparks this year. 
Also new this year....from up on Da Range, Valentini's Supper Club in Chisholm introduces a Porketta “Slugger,” made with pork and cream cheese rolled in an egg roll and bathed in red sauce.

Also new is the Valentini’s Italian burger, a meatball in patty form, grilled and topped with pepperoni, provolone cheese and house-made red sauce and served on a potato roll.  And a bucket of mini-meatballs.  These new items are available at the State Fair Classics stand.

New on the dessert cart are hand-dipped cones and cups of Izzy’s ice cream inside Gate 14 near Hrbek’s 14 restaurant.

There will be a new Butcher and the Boar grill inside Gate 34, with a barbecue basket of rib tips with house-made spicy pickles, local craft beers, Knob Creek bourbon and Jim Beam cocktails.

Also new at Target Field...a smoked barbecue beef brisket sandwich, freshly-carved at the Gate 6 carvery; and specialty cider cocktails at several portable carts, Hrbek’s and Town Ball Tavern.