What Would You Put in a Minnesota Gift Bag for our Super Bowl Guests?

It's Super Bowl week in Minnesota and there will be so many guests coming in from out of town.  This morning on KOOL108 we put together a hypothetical Gift Bag for our visitors.   Here are some of the gifts our KOOL108 listeners came up with!

Photos from Flickr

Mn Wild Rice


A Tip-up for ice fishing

Old Dutch Potato Chips

Fairbault Blanket w/ a Gopher logo



Scotch Tape

Western Dressing

August Shell Co Beer

Summit Beer

Hot Dish

Pearson Nut Roll & Nut Goody

Top the Tater

Ice Skates

My Pillow

Post It Notes

Roller Blades

Water Skis

Duluth Trading Armachillo undies.

Red Wing pottery

 Nordicware Baking dishes

 Crappola granola

Mukluks from Ely  

Red wing shoes  

Tonka Toys

Green Giant Veggies

Any other ideas?????


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