How KOOL is the Zip Line Across The Mississippi! I did it!

There is so much to do in and around the Twin Cities this Super Bowl week.  One of those attractions is the Zip Line over the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis.   I just had to do it.  I was freaking out all morning yesterday, thinking about the trip over the river later in the afternoon.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.   

First, thank you to all the Minnesota Super Bowl Crew 52 volunteers who calmed my nerves.

These women were awesome and so much fun to talk to.  They told me to take my time climbing the stairs and I did.  Thank you for the tip.

My son Max joined me on this adventure.  He loved it and had no anxiety at all.  He was great.

After signing our life away, putting on our helmets and getting into our harness and gear we started up the stairs.  Here was our view when we got to the top.

OMG!  Am I really go to do this.   The guys at the top were so calm and patient.  As they hooked us up to the cable.

Alright. let's do this!!!

I looked at Max and said, "you ready?"   He said let's go at the count of 3.  He counted, I went and looked back he was still there giggling.  Then he took off and we both loved it.   I wish they would keep it around for awhile after the Super Bowl. 


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