Wake up at the same time every night? Here's what that means.

I'm not the best sleeper. Sometimes my mind is racing so much or my body can't relax I just can't sleep. Then there's other nights where I sleep just fine but for some reason I keep waking up at the same time every night wondering why in the world I'm awake! If that happens to you where you wake up at the same time every night it's apparently normal! According to sleep medicine expert Dr. Jose Colon, nobody sleeps through the night. He says it's normal to wake up four to six times a night but you should be able to get right back to sleep. Here's what it means if you're consistently waking up at the same time every night.

  • Waking up between 9pm-11pm - this might be a sign you're feeling anxious or stressed. There are probably some distractions around too like screens, devices or noisy surroundings that are keeping you from sleeping. To help this try yoga or developing a nice relaxing routine to help calm you before heading in for the night.
  • Waking up between 11pm-1am - this has to do with what you're eating. Your gallbladder could be waking you up because it's actively trying to break down all the fats you've eaten. Try eating dinner earlier or avoiding that late-night snack.
  • Waking up between 1am-3am - If you're waking up between these hours it could be due to your liver working overtime according to the Chinese Body Clock. Tt is being refreshed during those hours so tweaking your diet and passing on that last glass of wine could solve the issue.
  • Waking up between 3am-5am - This is said to be when your lungs are working the hardest so if you usually wake up during this time you probably need to eat healthier food or breathe cleaner air (what?). Try taking some time to get out during the day for some fresh air and get some exercise.
  • Waking up between 5am-7am - This time is all about the cleansing of your large intestine whose job is to clear the toxic waste from our systems. If this your issue try drinking more water during the day.

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