Make It Through Monday - My Aunt And Cousin On The Ellen Show

Today's Make It Through Monday moment, powered by Winkie's Hallmark & Gifts is all about my aunt Nancy and cousin Elizabeth because they were on the Ellen show! I think that is so cool! My cousin graduated from high school and is a freshman this year at UW-Madison and as a little celebration her, my aunt and my mom took a trip to New York City for a few days. They did some shopping, saw some shows and as they were walking to one of the shows producers from the Ellen show stopped them and asked them if they wanted to be on it! Ellen had been filming a bunch of promos leading up to the premier of her new season and one was of her producer Andy driving a pedicab through Time's Square and my aunt, cousin and mom just so happened to be in the right time at the right place. My aunt and cousin went on the pedicab while my mom stayed back to take pictures which are below. I can totally see my mom running down the street to get those pictures too. The part with my cousin and aunt starts at about 2:55. It doesn't last long but I still think it is so cool! Really funny too since people think my aunt is Ellen! I suggest watching the whole video. Andy is hilarious.


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