Make It through Monday - MPD officer buys car seat instead of giving ticket

Officer Kevin Zimmermann is one awesome dude and I wanted to highlight him today for Make It Through Monday, powered by Winkie's Hallmark & Gifts. According to an article from TMJ4 Kevin Zimmermann, a Milwaukee Police Department Officer, was on patrol on Saturday, October 12 when he saw a car with the incorrect registration. He pulled the car over and saw kids in the back seat but they weren't in any type of car seat or even seat belts. When the driver was asked why the kids weren't in car seats, she replied that she couldn't afford them. She had bills to pay and with winter coming up she was focused on getting coats and boots for her kids. She also stated she had trouble getting her car properly registered because of the costs involved.

Instead of issuing her the ticket he ended up purchasing car seats for her kids and even showed up to install them. Zimmermann is a father himself and knows the importance of having kids properly buckled up in cars. For him to purchase the car seats with his own money and take the time to install them I thought was pretty awesome. You can read more at

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