Wife freaks out that her husband doesn't change his underwear

Thank goodness for Reddit! A woman posted on there asking for advice about her husband who admitted to not changing his underwear every day wondering if she's nuts for being totally freaked out about it! She does admit to being somewhat of a clean freak but doesn't know if she's in the wrong. It all came out when she asked her husband to "wash up" their son and his response was something along the lines of "he'll be fine, he didn't really even sweat today". Of course after that response she wanted to know a little more and after some back and forth she found out that if her husband doesn't feel he sweat that much during the day then he doesn't shower. Her issue with that is he also doesn't wash up, change his underwear, etc which is then teaching their 4 year old son these dirty habits. Oh there's more to this story too which I'm going to make you read here because personally I think it's gross!

So now after reading more about the situation what are your thoughts. Is she crazy for thinking it's gross as this is totally common or are you on her side? I think you know where I stand on this! :)

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