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The picture below is a snapshot my Aunt Liz took when I visited her in Arizona last December. It's the last shot of me on my camera roll from a year full of pics that I actually like. What a change from the previous year. And it's all thanks to Dr. Adam Schotzko and the team at

If you’ve listened to KOOL 108 lately, you’ve heard my good news: I took off all that pandemic weight and more. Finally.

Dr. Schotzko has the secret to taking off up to a pound of fat a day. I did that for many days. In all, I shed 30 pounds in less than two months. You can see how it came off in the picture (below) from my weight tracker. You can do it, too!

I’ve learned so much about food and other lifestyle choices — and how it all comes together to either promote or hinder weight loss.

Here are five things that I’ve shared in a lot of conversations where people asked me for details about how I took off the weight.

  1. Water matters. This is probably the simplest and most effective thing I’ve done since starting the program. I’ve learned that water not only keeps you hydrated but also helps your body remove fats and toxins. I’ve gotten into the habit of drinking at least half my body weight in ounces of water each day.
  2. Exercise can slow weight loss. Sounds counterintuitive, right? It’s true though. Some light exercise is fine, but too much puts your body in the wrong mode for weight loss. So, in the beginning, it wasn’t what moved the needle in the right way. Now that I’m at my goal weight, I do a bit more but it’s still second to what I eat in terms of weight management. Early on, throttle back!
  3. Some fruits and vegetables are more powerful than others. Remember the advice from childhood? Eat at least five servings of produce every day. Good start, but I’ve learned that certain fruits and vegetables are better for promoting weight loss. Quick hints? For fruits, pick things that end in “berry.” For vegetables, choose things that are green. The common thread is fiber, vitamins and minerals that promote health and contribute to weight loss.
  4. You don’t have to be perfect. I follow the program most days, but I also take a meal or a day off to be part of a celebration. I go to parties, enjoy dinners with friends and take family vacations. Then, I get back right to what I’ve learned from Dr. Schotzko: Comply as much as possible, so you can go rogue occasionally.
  5. Accountability is important. I weigh myself every morning. That’s yesterday’s report – right in front of me. I log that weight in the app. Dr. Schotzko sees that and can reach out if he notices the line on the graph moving in the wrong direction. I can also reach out to him. I can ask questions through the app (or review tips and healthy recipes). I’ve got advice from a team and all kinds of resources right at my fingertips.

I picked this program because it’s doctor-supervised, based on real food – and something I can do moving forward to maintain a healthier weight. No surgery, no prepackaged meals, no clumpy shakes or snack bars that never quite deliver on that “chocolate flavor.” This program is about what’s at the grocery store and on restaurant menus.

People tell me I look better. I feel better and I know I’m healthier, thanks to how and what I’m eating – and what I’ve learned.

If you’re ready to make a change that can happen fast and really last, please visit and make an appointment for a free weight loss consultation. Tell them Jeff sent you.

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