The HOT DISH - An Early April Fools Joke! Your Pet Hair on a Watch?

Yes, "it's only human nature to develop a bond with your pet."   It's also an April Fools Day prank!  Read on!

Most pet owners spend a good amount of time every week cleaning up hair and throwing it away. It’s not fun, but we love our cats and dogs, and dealing with their shedding is just part of the relationship.

But here’s an idea – what if you saved that unwanted pet hair, and turned it into a wearable piece of fashion?

Sound crazy? Well, the people at Analog Watch Company don’t seem to think so. They’re creating custom watch bands coated in your pet’s fur.

For only $199, you could show the world how much you love your furry friend by not only wearing traces of their fur on your clothes, but also rocking a watch that coordinates with their coat.

Introducing, the Companion Collection:



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