Neuroscientists Have Named "The Best Song Ever!"

TOTO: Did They Create the Best Song Ever?

In a story that's likely to fuel plenty of water cooler talk, a survey of neuroscientists has named "the best song ever." The result will probably shock you -- it's not a track from Sgt. Pepper, which some folks consider the greatest album ever. Don't look for the Eagles or Doors on the label, or The Who, Kinks, Bob Dylan or U2.

According to the tech-focused website Gizmodo, it's "Africa" by Toto. Professor David Poeppel, who specializes in neural science at New York University, says "Toto turns out to be remarkably good and sophisticated, according to musicians." Calling Toto "a group of hardcore, highly respected studio musicians," Poeppel adds, "They crafted those songs pretty carefully and were incredibly successful with those four albums. And musicians actually really love Toto."

Doctor Daniel Glazer, director of the Science Gallery at King’s College in London, adds, "We can measure how people respond to songs in a bunch of ways, including brain scans and measures of chemicals in the the brain." But he also confesses that "measuring foot tapping or the smile muscles is probably just as good as most more 'scientific methods'."


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