FIND: The perfect cold brew for a hot day

Did you know there are more than 100 breweries in Minnesota? It’s true. And, according to writer Jess Fleming, many of the best ones are in the Twin Cities. Her Pioneer Press list of local craft brewery favorites would make for a great summer must-tour map.   

We’ve tried a few on the list, including Urban Growler. It’s a great spot for a craft brew and some food. Urban Growler’s Cowbell Cream Ale is a good pick for a craft brew newbie, and I can’t wait to get a glass of their Bonfire Porter – described as perfect for people who love campfires, roasted chestnuts or barbecue. Yes, please. 

Beyond the Pioneer Press article, the Minn. Craft Brewers "Find a Brewery" page is a handy link for locating a cold brew on a hot day.



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