A Dozen Ways to Stay Warm from KOOL108!

Hello polar vortex! Here are a few things that you can easily to do keep yourself, your home and your car warm during these frigid temps.

If you haven't already checked out our " 7 Tips For Keeping Your House Warm In Winter " article, do that now.

Then take a look at this list that is sure to help keep even the coldest of hearts warm thanks to the good folks over at Mental Floss ...

  1. Warm Yourself First
  2. Wear a Hat
  3. Turn on the Ceiling Fan
  4. Heat rises and settles near the ceiling, turn the fan on revers and re-disperse the hot are throughout the room.
  5. Switch Between Hot and Cold Shower
  6. While the simple answer would appear to be hot water to warm yourself, the cold water will get your blood circulation cooking and keep you warmer longer.
  7. Block Drafts with a Pool Noodle
  8. Programmable Thermostat
  9. Trick a locked thermostat
  10. Dress your windows in warmer clothes
  11. Bake All Day! Soups & Stew will add humidity to the room.
  12. It seems to make sense but bake some cookies and let that oven heat the joint. Don't rely on the oven though, that's dangerous.
  13. Start Composting
  14. Layer covers thinner and denser
  15. Stuff your pockets with DIY hand warmers


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