Aggressive Poltergeist Captured On Eerie Video

Being along in a house at night can be kind of scary, especially when you hear some kind of noise. Usually the sound can be explained by a banging pipe or a dripping faucet, but the leading explanation for what one man recently heard in his home is a very angry poltergeist.

Dominic Matigian shared video of what happened on TikTok. The footage begins with a shot of a door, and it sounds like someone is banging on it in an attempt to get in. Dominic walks up to the door, saying that he is home alone and pointing out "how loud and aggressive it is." In the video, you can even see the doorknob rattling.

Matigian opens the door and immediately the sound stops. He pans the camera all around to show that there isn't a person anywhere nearby.

He captioned the video "Love living in a haunted house," and at the end of the clip states, "This is why we're moving!"

Plenty of commenters were freaked out by what they saw, but an equal amount were shocked that Dominic handled it so fearlessly. One wrote, "The fact this man opened the door with no hesitation. He build different. I would've jumped out a window before I opened the door," while another chimed in, "The fact that you're not scared at all scares me."

Meanwhile, non-believers wrote off the noise as being caused by air flow. One said, "My bedroom door occasionally does the same with the right draft coming in. Creepy but nothing bad."

However, one commenter added a whole new chapter to the story, strangely asking Dominic if he had a blue chair in the house. Dom replied saying yes and asking why. The person, who claims to have a gift and likes to tell people what they see, then told Dom, "Please be careful with this spirit she is trying to drain you."

You can follow Dom on TikTok here.

Photo: Getty Images