See The Most Stunning Images Of The Total Solar Eclipse From Across America

Total Solar Eclipse Stretches Across North America From Mexico To Canada

Photo: Matthew Hatcher / Getty Images News / Getty Images

On Monday (April 8), a rare solar eclipse was visible across 49 states. The 115-mile wide path of totality stretched from Texas up through Maine, allowing viewers to experience complete darkness for a few minutes as the moon completely blocked the sun.

The rest of the country saw a partial eclipse, which caused the sun to have a crescent shape because the moon partially blocked it.

Dan Mincks and his family told NBC News they were in awe when the moon blacked out the sun just after 2 p.m. ET.

"Almost like a thunderstorm rolled in. It was not what I expected," Mincks, who watched the eclipse from Ohio, said. "I don't have any words to describe what I expected. It's just a total blackout."

"It was like a black hole," his 11-year-old daughter Allison said.

Check out some of the most breathtaking and stunning photos taken from around the country.

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