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Check Out This List Of The 20 Meanest '80s Movie Bullies

They don't make teen movies today like they did in the 80's, that's for sure!

Well, there is a list out on UltimateClassicRock.Com of the 20 Meanest '80s Movie Bullies, and they are:

20. Captain Rhodes in 'Day of the Dead' (1985)

19. Buddy Revell in 'Three O’Clock High' (1987)

18. Ace Merrill in 'Stand By Me' (1986)

17. Peter Stegman in 'Class of 1984' (1982)

16. Mick in 'Teen Wolf' (1985)

15. Roy Stalin in 'Better Off Dead' (1985)

14. Stan Gable in 'Revenge of the Nerds' (1984)

13. Amber Von Tussle in 'Hairspray' (1988)

12. Sho’Nuff in 'The Last Dragon' (1985)

11. Chet in 'Weird Science' (1985)

10. Hardy Jenns in 'Some Kind of Wonderful' (1987)

9. Steff in 'Pretty In Pink' (1986)

8. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in 'Full Metal Jacket' (1987)

7. Heather Chandler in 'Heathers' (1989)

6. Scut Farkus in 'A Christmas Story' (1983)

5. Andrew Clark in 'The Breakfast Club' (1985)

4. Judy in 'Sleepaway Camp' (1983)

3. Moody in 'My Bodyguard' (1980)

2. Biff Tannen in 'Back to the Future' (and sequels) (1985-1990)

1. Johnny Lawrence in 'The Karate Kid' (1984)

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