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Apparently, The English Language Has 546 Words For "Drunk"

Your ability to describe how plastered your friends are is about to become much more robust: A study found the English language has 546 different words for being drunk.

You know the classics, like hammered, wasted, tipsy, trashed, smashed, loaded, or the more formal, inebriated. Even things like "shwasted" made the list. But some of the more obscure ones are fun too. Most are British terms. We won't get into why Brits need SO many words for being drunk, but apparently they do. Here are a few more good ones:

1. Bladdered

 2. Mullered

 3. Pickled

4. Cabbaged 

5. Sozzled

6. Fuddled

7. Peloothered

8. Corned

9. Skunked

10. Squiffed

11. Stonkered

12. Trousered

13. Beery

14. Beliquored

15. Bingoed

16. Jeremied

17. Pifflicated

18. Schnookered

19. Crapulous

 20. Slap-happy

If you need even more, a website called "The Drinks Business" posted the full list.

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