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Keystone Light & Fishwife Team Up For Cool Boozy Tinned Fish Collab

It will soon be that time when the lakes are fully unfrozen and we can be out on the water fishing!!

For the first time ever, Keystone Light is getting in the Tinned Fish game? That’s right, the favorite light beer of fisherman is now tapping into fish in an entirely new way with The Smooth Snackle Pack- a Keystone Light tinned fish collaboration with Fishwife. 

 Keystone Light drinkers know better than anyone the joy of a fresh catch. But for times when the lines aren’t biting, Keystone Light is sharing the ultimate boat snack - Keystone Light & Fishwife’s Smooth Snackle Pack. Made in partnership with renowned Fishwife Tinned Seafood Co., The Smooth Snackle Pack includes tinned rainbow trout raised in pure spring water and smoked in small batches over natural hard wood for a smooth, smokey and savory bite that pairs perfectly with a crisp, refreshing Keystone Light.

 Keystone Light & Fishwife’s Smooth Snackle Pack comes directly in a tackle box that includes:

o   A compartment perfectly fitted for a delicious tin of the smoked rainbow trout.

o   An insulated section to keep your Keystone Light cold for easy transport on adventures.  

o   An Uber Eats gift card to have the smooth taste of Keystone Light delivered to your door or dock.

Orders for Keystone Light & Fishwife’s Smooth Snackle Pack open up on February 29 (Leap Day!). A 3-pack for $30.00 plus shipping at https://shop.keystonelight.com/collections/smoothsnackle while supplies last. 

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