Things People Will Never Stop Complaining About

As much as we try to be positive about things, sometimes we just need to complain. There's also things that we'll just never get over, we'll always be complaining about them. I'm grateful for the Reddit user who asked "What will you never stop complaining about?" because it's good to know that things that drive me nuts also bother other people as well. shared 18 things people said they'll never stop complaining about. Here are some of my favorites. You can get the complete list here.

  1. People who throw garbage out the window or litter in general
  2. Mosquitos
  3. People who watch videos or listen to things in public places without headphones
  4. Women's pants not having pockets
  5. Junk mail...especially the stuff addressed to "current resident"

After reading through all of them I just thought of one that really grinds my gears: when people stop in the middle of the walkway in airports!!

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