Should You Tip On Carry-Out Orders?

The age old question, at least for me, is when in the world do you tip and how much?! I'm the worst at tipping because I never know when it's appropriate and how much I should be giving. Many times I'm just in my own world and I don't even think about it and then later I'm like shoot I probably should have left a tip. I of course tip at restaurants, my stylist, shuttle drivers, etc. but there are some situations that fall into that grey area. Take carry out/pick-up orders for example. Should you tip? On one hand you're not being served, you drove yourself to the restaurant, walked inside and picked up your food. On the other hand, someone took the time to box up your meal, toss in the extras requested and saved you lots of time at home since there will probably be no dishes. When in question it's always good to ask the experts. In this case The Emily Post Institute. According to an article at, the experts at The Emily Post Institute say that there is "no obligation" for tipping on take-out orders but they do suggest tipping 10 percent for additional services like curb delivery or if you have a "large, complicated order."

In the end it probably depends on the situation. If you feel someone deserves a tip then give it to them but it's not the end of the world if you don't One time I tipped my shuttle driver who drove me to and from the dealership when my car was being worked on and he brought me donuts the next day as a thank you so I'd say just tip! Thanks "shuttle driver Jim!"

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