Thoughts on experiences instead of toys for Christmas

Since basically the beginning of time kids have wanted a toy so badly and then once they get it they're over it in a week. You spent all that money and it's just sitting there on the shelf collecting dust. There's also the scenario of kids getting way too much stuff that they don't appreciate anything in the end. Because of these situations many parents are leaning toward giving kids "experiences" for Christmas instead of toys. One Mom went as far as asking people NOT to buy her kids toys for Christmas. Articles have been written and things shared on social media so of course people expressed their opinions on the topic. Some are saying this is a fantastic idea because what kids really crave is attention and time with family and others are saying they remember the excitement they had as a kid when they got to open presents up on Christmas morning and would hate to take that away from their kids. Many times it's just as exciting for parents to see their kids opening up their presents.

I've got a solution! Maybe a little bit of both. Don't buy your kids everything they want but still allow them to open up some gifts while also planning great experiences with them. It's all about that middle ground right?! Here's the post I saw where people weren't afraid to offer their opinions.



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