FIND: The best Minn. ice cream treats

We've researched this – a lot. The Olsens love ice cream. There are so many great options in the Twin Cities, but our absolute favorite is the "Flavor Formerly Known as Nicollet Pothole" from Sebastian Joe’s. It’s a chocolate lover’s dream come true. City Pages describes it as, “chocolate ice cream filled with fudge, truffles, chunks of Heath bar, and sea salt — a meld of mouth-watering flavors as deep and dark as that missing chunk of pavement that just threw off your alignment.”

Check out the City Pages list of must-eat ice creams.

I also like this list from Eater, because it includes an historic Dairy Queen location.

Here’s a statewide list of spots to stop for cool, creamy treats.

And this is a look at what was on the flavors board on a recent trip to Sebastian Joe's near Lake Harriet. Middle row, far left. Get a scoop. (You're welcome.)

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